Contacting Flashpoint People!

by Kevin Pulo, Satan

Okay, people, here's the list of Flashpoint people and their Email addresses, and, those of us which have them, Web pages. To get a list of aliases used on Flashpoint, click here.

This is one part of the page which I actually do try to keep up to date, so if there's any errors, changes or additions which need to be made, please Email me with them, and I should get the changes made pretty quickly.

Alias Real Name Email Web
Dr. BrainZ Sadin Nurkic
Satan Kevin Pulo
Akira Anna Burrows
The Aardvark Albert Alcoceba
Bombster Matthew Blomfield
Griz Gary Walker
Qwerty Matthew Tse
Cords Ben Cawdell-Smith
Demod Daniel Cafe
Dosman Cameron Thomas
Orion Henry Troung
Encryptor Chris Ridha
Disease Paul Mach
Bug Pramod Korathota
Kirk Hamment Robert K.
Phiber Saxby Brown
Masked Snail Johnathan Eyles
Tanya Tanya Szatmary
Exterminator Terry Cheng
Stimpy Raphy Shnirman or
Son Gohan Richard Andrew
Geordie Ross Wonderley
Coboy Brian S. @charlie.socs.uts.EDU.AU
Spud Gavin Cato
Kicker James Empson
Death Rabbit Stephen Minshall
Agrabah Chris Drew
Night Watchman Stephen Mills
Callisto Trent Nickson
Akuma Grant Taplin
Grolim Tu Dao
Meat Head Matthew Maloney
Sax/Jazz Daniel Habulin
All Emails which have links should be working. Those without links are currently not working and/or unknown.

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Last updated: 26th January, 1997